POS & Product Range

It’s been a waiting game to change the name of the product. The other company is taking their time to agree to the buy out and we need to move forward with Gerry.




New images of Gerry have been completed with the finished Sleepybobo logo. Liking the colour on black & white.





The final images have been completed, video amended and logo inserted. I must say, I think the finished result will be great.

The pop up company has been instructed to start designing the 4m X 2m pop up display for Harrogate. Making sure everything about the design comes together, similar design, colour & look.

I’ve just seen the designs for the POS and it looks great, won’t be long till the sample is sent. The final samples for the product range will be sent in a few weeks.

ALL TOGETHER (3) with no pillow


The control panel has been amended to suit the logo.

We’ve finally come to an agreement with the other company over the name of the product. That’ll be finally sorted and agreed after nearly 6 months!

Finished POS has arrived and look brilliant, some minor amendments to make and swop over some of the images. The finished product range has also been delivered and I’m so chuffed with the finished result. My 1st published book also looks good, need to change the front  & rear construction of the book and layout of the back of the book.



The Pop up display is taking longer than expected, due to making the design work with the current look and style of the packaging. All images have been chosen and the TV have been sourced ready for the Harrogate Baby event. Looking really good overall!

The website company has been instructed to make all the required changes to the website, look, images.

So many things going on at once, Pop up display, POS, website, product range, Harrogate, Patent. Looking forward to selling to the Rest of the world. Hopefully Got Taiwan selling Gerry in April.

Thats the PCT World wide patent applied for! Gerry is happy that no one can copy his look, design trademark also granted!

The pop up display is now finished and looks great ( blast ) the design company XL Display have done a great job!










2016 – New Year

It’s been a very busy start to the year!

That’s 4 baby awards entered and all ready for Harrogate in March! Looking forward to the main trade launch 20th – 22nd March! Hoping that we get short listed for the BANTA awards so we can go to the ceremony on Sunday night.

Thats the Prima Baby Awards entered – Finalist.

Baby & Toddler awards – Entered!

baby todler awards 2016

BizzieBaby Awards

Loved by Parents – Entered!


BANTA Awards – Entered


We’ve finally had confirmation that the investors have been bought out. In conclusion don’t take on an investor, they prove to be more difficult in the long run. As we see it, it’s like the honeymoon period, all roses to start with but as soon as more work is involved it proved too much.

IBP can say we have been published! Looking forward to selling our 1st book in 2016.

Happy to say we have been accepted for the BPA:-




That’s the POS design sent to the factory in China, just need to confirm the design. Everything is taking shape slowly, POS, packaging and product range.


It’s Christmas

It’s been confirmed that Gerry has been Short listed for Prima Baby magazine! Exciting times.

Confirmation from the IPO office that the design has been received.

Whoooop!!! Sold our 1st Gerry!

It has been confirmed that we are now a Finalist for Prima baby awards!!!!

Still waiting for the investors to pull their finger out to get the documents signed. Making things awkward is an understatement!

Confirmation of Harrogate baby event in March Hall H H35 & changed to pop up display, instead of L-Shaped the pop up is straight.

Marketing all booked in for Marh 2016, looking forward to that being looked after by someone else.

Product range agreed that we’re using the company in the South. The North was cheaper but the quality isn’t as good. The South is certainly more luxurious, looks fantastic!

Minor changes to the product range, tail on the interactive toy, pocket to the comfort blanket and packaging agreed.

Applying to the BPA Ass. To help with Harrogate and show customers that all of products have been tested to the best ability!

That’s it again for another year! Been very eventful and many learning curved!

Finished for XMAS

Product Range

We’re in talks with distribution companies all over the world! Very exciting times

The new Merchandise arrives, must admit, looks really good! Can’t wait to start handing these out to Gerrys waiting pubic.

We’ve decided to get another company in the North of China to do a version of the product range. See what the difference is for the money.

Changes to packaging making the images larger and text smaller. I must admit he whole design is taking shape, I’ve decided on Euroslot and shelving for the packaging.

I’ve sent the Samples for the prima baby awards to be judged! There’s no going back now, Gerry is out there now!

Now Gerry has been signed off, I’ve sent off the application to the IPO office for the design / look of product, making sure that’s there’s the one and only Gerry!

Photo’s of product range are all ready and loaded up on the packaging and ready to upload to the website in 2016.

To help with sales in retail, I’ve designed New POS For Gerry and product range to sit on. Looking good!

Now the investors have agreed to the buyout, I’ve Design new stationary, new start & new beginning just the wife & myself.

New barcodes added to packaging and all taking final shape.

Testing Starts

Final quote for testing has been received, testing will start next month. The final part of the jigsaw will be in place.

Had the photo shoot and the final images look great! Decided to go for colour for Gerry and back and white background.


Final weeks of Prima baby awards extended but I’ve decided to get Gerry entereded and ready for Dec 2015 to see if we get anywhere?

While waiting for the product name to be resolved I’m Applying for numerous trademarks to cover the next batch of products.

Now IBP has been confirmed as showing at the Harrogate Internstional Nursery Fair in March 2016, I’ve been Designing the merchandise for baby event. That’s the ad loops, logo bugs, cups and pens all sorted.


Slight Amendments to the inner workings of Gerry & fine details signed off before sending for testing. Very chuffed with the overall look, feel of Gerry. He does his job down to a tee!

I’ve now started the final Designs of the product range packaging. Moving images about and having a generic box. All barcodes bought ( 100 in total ) ready to be used up with the products being launched. Would be nice to have a product range of that size!

Can’t believe it but Gerry has been Shortlisted for Prima Baby awards 2016! Have to see how he does? Even if he doesn’t win, it’s an honour that he was picked from all the entries!


Prima Baby Awards

Exciting times ahead, I’ve applied for the Prima Baby awards 2016. I know I won’t win as Gerry is a newbie and up against the big guns but he’s got to start somewhere!


Final design of book ready for sample to be sent, looking forward to seeing my 1st sensory book.

The application for Entering the Prima baby awards is all set ready to go! Fingers crossed!

I’ve been thinking about the possible idea of changing the product name. Still in talks with the company in question to resolve the situation.

Requesting Quotes for changing video and social media if we have to go down the road of changing names.

Applying for the Harrogate baby event in March 2016, ready for the Trade Launch!


Quote for pop up display will be needed for the show, design work to start again. Whoop!



Spanner in the works

The grant we applied for to help us with Marketing has just been confirmed as ” received “! Great news! That means Lil Spin will be poking after our marketing in 2016!

To help customer services in the future we have a New 0800 telephone number 0800 9788 365.

Now that I’ve become an author & illustrator, I’ve had to rejig aspects of the book but the Final layouts of book & wording are complete. Really enjoyed going back to my roots of designing!

Sound level of final product has been received and we’re spot on 45/48 decibels! That’s the same as a quiet room! Result.

Gerry has been signed off, it’s time for the Final drawing to be sent to our patent attorney. PCT will be applied for in Feb 2016.

We have unfortunately found out that there’s another company selling a baby product with the same name as us. It’s all a learning curve still.

We were told by the IPO office that as soon as you get the trademark and the letter R, no one will come near you! Not the case!

As a business we have the registered trademark in the UK 2012 and we were going to wait to do the ROW when ready for the market. This isn’t the case, the other company in question has filed in 2014 for most of the world. In talks with them to see what happens? All we can do is plod on with Gerry and get him ready for the market. Might have to look at a new name? SPANNER!……

In talks with the investor to buy them out, it’s now apparent that we are going in 2 different directions and all the work is being done by one side, me! In hindsight an investor is worth pursuing if the project is over a shorter period of time and it’s written in stone and not a handshake that they’ll do the work! Hoping that this can be resolved this year.

Virgin Competition



We’ve had a crack at entering the Pitch to Rich! See how we get on with regard to the competition.

Only slight issue with the comp, most people don’t know how to put their vote in! Think it’s going to prove difficult.


We’ve also applied for another grant for marketing, this will help us out when we need it! Recommend and shop around for as many grants as possible.

Making sure all social icons and flag are correct on the packaging, don’t want to make any errors with having the UK flag the wrong way round!



We’ve done so well with the Pitch to Rich but people are having trouble registering their votes, I think next year, it does need to be made easier.


As a business we’re starting to look how we can improve the work load, we were hoping to have more help but unfortunately this hasn’t happened with our current investor.


Decided to increase the product range by 1 x product, a sensory book. Need to get to the drawing board and start the process.

Waiting for Gerry the Giraffe

Really chuffed this month! Gerry was featured in the Nursery Today magazine with the new Princess & Kate Middleton.


Hoping that it won’t be long till he becomes a household name.

We’re still working on the final details of the product range but won’t be long till you’ll be able to order the plush toy, comfort blanket, dummy holder and Interactive toy. All looking rather cute!


World Wide Press and reviews

It’s been a busy few weeks! Gerry the Giraffe has been on his travels all over the world, reviews comments and laughs. We never expected Gerry to get so much press in the time scale he’s been out in the World. People have taken him to their hearts and see the true nature of his important job.

To date we have had Gerry mentioned as the must have baby product for Yummy mummy’s and for Kate Middleton new baby girl, to reviews and comments in Australia, Germany & Russia.


daily mail

The Metro were kind enough to run a poll for us to see what the general public thought of the Bounceroo and the results were 86% would buy him and thought he was adorable. The Mirror quickly followed with a press release & a quick run down of what he can do for new and exiting parents, they also did a vote, would you buy him and 75% said they would. Both results are fantastic and just proves that Gerry does fill a gap in the market.


Other countries talking about the new product we’re launching.




Our local paper Lincolnshire Echo has put Gerry online.


Mother & Baby Magazine are supporting Gerry’s corner.


With other sites following the trend of backing the Bounceroo.



Just been informed that they’ll be a delay in delivery, very frustrating indeed! Good things come to those that wait I guess!


Can’t believe that over the last 3 weeks we’ve had nearly 2 Million views of the video, over 5000 messages about the Bounceroo! Very positive comments from fellow parents and business people. The commercial sector has also been very busy, meetings set up with several retail / distributor companies, looking forward to the coming months.

We have been told by China that due to a delay in delivery of the internal motor ( approx. 2 weeks ). This will take the launch into August 2015.

It does become difficult when we are at the mercy of others but the Bounceroo will be worth it.

We are also in the final stages of the product range, making sure the plush toy looks just as cute but in a more smaller version. The comfort blanket and dummy holder are looking good. We’ll upload more images towards the end of the month.


The tooling for Gerry has started! I still have to pinch myself sometimes and can’t believe how far I have come. Nearly exactly 3 years ago to the date the product was born and now is taking life! It’s such a weird feeling that all those late nights sketching ideas on paper, checking for patents has come to this major milestone.

The tooling should be complete by the end of next month, closely followed by the testing. To juggle even more jobs all at once, we’re also waiting for the samples to be agreed, plush toy, interactive toy, T-shirt & blanket. The Bounceroo has now taken on its own life and turned itself into a full product range. We’ll get all the products designed and agreed, we’ll then get these tested alongside GERRY himself, kill 4 birds with one stone. I think I need to print out a count down calendar ready for the Launch date / month! July isn’t that far away! I’m hoping that you guys see Gerry in the shops ready for CHRISTMAS!

Just waiting for the final go ahead on the motor and the final changes to the motor mount. Now we’re using a brushless motor, this is the final piece in the ever ending story to the internal workings to the BOUNCEROO. This means you the parent is getting an even more luxurious product! The overall fine detail has been thought through, down to the smallest detail, having the Bounceroo logo on ribbon stitched to the product, the logo and information located on the flip out base, to the smile on Gerry’s face!