Monthly Archives: February 2016

POS & Product Range

It’s been a waiting game to change the name of the product. The other company is taking their time to agree to the buy out and we need to move forward with Gerry.




New images of Gerry have been completed with the finished Sleepybobo logo. Liking the colour on black & white.





The final images have been completed, video amended and logo inserted. I must say, I think the finished result will be great.

The pop up company has been instructed to start designing the 4m X 2m pop up display for Harrogate. Making sure everything about the design comes together, similar design, colour & look.

I’ve just seen the designs for the POS and it looks great, won’t be long till the sample is sent. The final samples for the product range will be sent in a few weeks.

ALL TOGETHER (3) with no pillow


The control panel has been amended to suit the logo.

We’ve finally come to an agreement with the other company over the name of the product. That’ll be finally sorted and agreed after nearly 6 months!

Finished POS has arrived and look brilliant, some minor amendments to make and swop over some of the images. The finished product range has also been delivered and I’m so chuffed with the finished result. My 1st published book also looks good, need to change the front  & rear construction of the book and layout of the back of the book.



The Pop up display is taking longer than expected, due to making the design work with the current look and style of the packaging. All images have been chosen and the TV have been sourced ready for the Harrogate Baby event. Looking really good overall!

The website company has been instructed to make all the required changes to the website, look, images.

So many things going on at once, Pop up display, POS, website, product range, Harrogate, Patent. Looking forward to selling to the Rest of the world. Hopefully Got Taiwan selling Gerry in April.

Thats the PCT World wide patent applied for! Gerry is happy that no one can copy his look, design trademark also granted!

The pop up display is now finished and looks great ( blast ) the design company XL Display have done a great job!