2016 – New Year

It’s been a very busy start to the year!

That’s 4 baby awards entered and all ready for Harrogate in March! Looking forward to the main trade launch 20th – 22nd March! Hoping that we get short listed for the BANTA awards so we can go to the ceremony on Sunday night.

Thats the Prima Baby Awards entered – Finalist.

Baby & Toddler awards РEntered!

baby todler awards 2016

BizzieBaby Awards

Loved by Parents – Entered!


BANTA Awards – Entered


We’ve finally had confirmation that the investors have been bought out. In conclusion don’t take on an investor, they prove to be more difficult in the long run. As we see it, it’s like the honeymoon period, all roses to start with but as soon as more work is involved it proved too much.

IBP can say we have been published! Looking forward to selling our 1st book in 2016.

Happy to say we have been accepted for the BPA:-




That’s the POS design sent to the factory in China, just need to confirm the design. Everything is taking shape slowly, POS, packaging and product range.


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