Monthly Archives: December 2015

It’s Christmas

It’s been confirmed that Gerry has been Short listed for Prima Baby magazine! Exciting times.

Confirmation from the IPO office that the design has been received.

Whoooop!!! Sold our 1st Gerry!

It has been confirmed that we are now a Finalist for Prima baby awards!!!!

Still waiting for the investors to pull their finger out to get the documents signed. Making things awkward is an understatement!

Confirmation of Harrogate baby event in March Hall H H35 & changed to pop up display, instead of L-Shaped the pop up is straight.

Marketing all booked in for Marh 2016, looking forward to that being looked after by someone else.

Product range agreed that we’re using the company in the South. The North was cheaper but the quality isn’t as good. The South is certainly more luxurious, looks fantastic!

Minor changes to the product range, tail on the interactive toy, pocket to the comfort blanket and packaging agreed.

Applying to the BPA Ass. To help with Harrogate and show customers that all of products have been tested to the best ability!

That’s it again for another year! Been very eventful and many learning curved!

Finished for XMAS