Product Range

We’re in talks with distribution companies all over the world! Very exciting times

The new Merchandise arrives, must admit, looks really good! Can’t wait to start handing these out to Gerrys waiting pubic.

We’ve decided to get another company in the North of China to do a version of the product range. See what the difference is for the money.

Changes to packaging making the images larger and text smaller. I must admit he whole design is taking shape, I’ve decided on Euroslot and shelving for the packaging.

I’ve sent the Samples for the prima baby awards to be judged! There’s no going back now, Gerry is out there now!

Now Gerry has been signed off, I’ve sent off the application to the IPO office for the design / look of product, making sure that’s there’s the one and only Gerry!

Photo’s of product range are all ready and loaded up on the packaging and ready to upload to the website in 2016.

To help with sales in retail, I’ve designed New POS For Gerry and product range to sit on. Looking good!

Now the investors have agreed to the buyout, I’ve Design new stationary, new start & new beginning just the wife & myself.

New barcodes added to packaging and all taking final shape.

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