Monthly Archives: October 2015

Testing Starts

Final quote for testing has been received, testing will start next month. The final part of the jigsaw will be in place.

Had the photo shoot and the final images look great! Decided to go for colour for Gerry and back and white background.


Final weeks of Prima baby awards extended but I’ve decided to get Gerry entereded and ready for Dec 2015 to see if we get anywhere?

While waiting for the product name to be resolved I’m Applying for numerous trademarks to cover the next batch of products.

Now IBP has been confirmed as showing at the Harrogate Internstional Nursery Fair in March 2016, I’ve been¬†Designing the merchandise for baby event. That’s the ad loops, logo bugs, cups and pens all sorted.


Slight Amendments to the inner workings of Gerry & fine details signed off before sending for testing. Very chuffed with the overall look, feel of Gerry. He does his job down to a tee!

I’ve now started the final Designs of the product range packaging. Moving images about and having a generic box. All barcodes bought ( 100 in total ) ready to be used up with the products being launched. Would be nice to have a product range of that size!

Can’t believe it but Gerry has been Shortlisted for Prima Baby awards 2016! Have to see how he does? Even if he doesn’t win, it’s an honour that he was picked from all the entries!