Monthly Archives: August 2015

Spanner in the works

The grant we applied for to help us with Marketing has just been confirmed as ” received “! Great news! That means Lil Spin will be poking after our marketing in 2016!

To help customer services in the future we have a New 0800 telephone number 0800 9788 365.

Now that I’ve become an author & illustrator, I’ve had to rejig aspects of the book but the Final layouts of book & wording are complete. Really enjoyed going back to my roots of designing!

Sound level of final product has been received and we’re spot on 45/48 decibels! That’s the same as a quiet room! Result.

Gerry has been signed off, it’s time for the Final drawing to be sent to our patent attorney. PCT will be applied for in Feb 2016.

We have unfortunately found out that there’s another company selling a baby product with the same name as us. It’s all a learning curve still.

We were told by the IPO office that as soon as you get the trademark and the letter R, no one will come near you! Not the case!

As a business we have the registered trademark in the UK 2012 and we were going to wait to do the ROW when ready for the market. This isn’t the case, the other company in question has filed in 2014 for most of the world. In talks with them to see what happens? All we can do is plod on with Gerry and get him ready for the market. Might have to look at a new name? SPANNER!……

In talks with the investor to buy them out, it’s now apparent that we are going in 2 different directions and all the work is being done by one side, me! In hindsight an investor is worth pursuing if the project is over a shorter period of time and it’s written in stone and not a handshake that they’ll do the work! Hoping that this can be resolved this year.