Monthly Archives: July 2015

Virgin Competition



We’ve had a crack at entering the Pitch to Rich! See how we get on with regard to the competition.

Only slight issue with the comp, most people don’t know how to put their vote in! Think it’s going to prove difficult.


We’ve also applied for another grant for marketing, this will help us out when we need it! Recommend and shop around for as many grants as possible.

Making sure all social icons and flag are correct on the packaging, don’t want to make any errors with having the UK flag the wrong way round!



We’ve done so well with the Pitch to Rich but people are having trouble registering their votes, I think next year, it does need to be made easier.


As a business we’re starting to look how we can improve the work load, we were hoping to have more help but unfortunately this hasn’t happened with our current investor.


Decided to increase the product range by 1 x product, a sensory book. Need to get to the drawing board and start the process.