The tooling for Gerry has started! I still have to pinch myself sometimes and can’t believe how far I have come. Nearly exactly 3 years ago to the date the product was born and now is taking life! It’s such a weird feeling that all those late nights sketching ideas on paper, checking for patents has come to this major milestone.

The tooling should be complete by the end of next month, closely followed by the testing. To juggle even more jobs all at once, we’re also waiting for the samples to be agreed, plush toy, interactive toy, T-shirt & blanket. The Bounceroo¬†has now taken on its own life and turned itself into a full product range. We’ll get all the products designed and agreed, we’ll then get these tested alongside GERRY himself, kill 4 birds with one stone. I think I need to print out a count down calendar ready for the Launch date / month! July isn’t that far away! I’m hoping that you guys see Gerry in the shops ready for CHRISTMAS!

Just waiting for the final go ahead on the motor and the final changes to the motor mount. Now we’re using a brushless motor, this is the final piece in the ever ending story to the internal workings to the BOUNCEROO. This means you the parent is getting an even more luxurious product! The overall fine detail has been thought through, down to the smallest detail, having the Bounceroo logo on ribbon stitched to the product, the logo and information located on the flip out base, to the smile on Gerry’s face!

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