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The tooling for Gerry has started! I still have to pinch myself sometimes and can’t believe how far I have come. Nearly exactly 3 years ago to the date the product was born and now is taking life! It’s such a weird feeling that all those late nights sketching ideas on paper, checking for patents has come to this major milestone.

The tooling should be complete by the end of next month, closely followed by the testing. To juggle even more jobs all at once, we’re also waiting for the samples to be agreed, plush toy, interactive toy, T-shirt & blanket. The Bounceroo has now taken on its own life and turned itself into a full product range. We’ll get all the products designed and agreed, we’ll then get these tested alongside GERRY himself, kill 4 birds with one stone. I think I need to print out a count down calendar ready for the Launch date / month! July isn’t that far away! I’m hoping that you guys see Gerry in the shops ready for CHRISTMAS!

Just waiting for the final go ahead on the motor and the final changes to the motor mount. Now we’re using a brushless motor, this is the final piece in the ever ending story to the internal workings to the BOUNCEROO. This means you the parent is getting an even more luxurious product! The overall fine detail has been thought through, down to the smallest detail, having the Bounceroo logo on ribbon stitched to the product, the logo and information located on the flip out base, to the smile on Gerry’s face!


“Gerry” the Giraffe, is the first member of the Sleepybobo family. The patent pending Bounceroo has been designed to appeal to all parents, being tactile, endearing and cute but most of all providing a solution to a problem that has existed in today’s hectic lifestyle raising a new born and has not been solved, until now.

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The Sleepybobo has been designed in such a way that it will attach to existing Car Seats, Swinging Cribs, Baby Bouncers, Baby Rockers and rock / bounce these products for a maximum of 30 minutes at a time so you as the parent / carer / Grandparent can do other things, help another child, help your spouse, answer the door, go to the toilet in peace and quiet.


The Sleepybobo has a internal motor to reduce noise level. Gerry has a multitude of functions, safety being the main criteria. Timer button that can be set to a maximum of 30 minutes, switch off when complete. Variable speed buttons to control how fast Gerry does his important job. A lock button that will stop little fingers pressing buttons by mistake. A flip out base that can be used with Bouncers, Swinging cribs to help weigh Gerry down. Hidden inside Gerry’s neck, is the unique adjustable strap that allows you to adjust the length of his neck so Gerry will fit to different height Car Seats, Bouncers and Cribs. If too much weight is used with Gerry (maximum 24 lbs) he will automatically switch off. Gerry is a fully portable, with his own carry bag (sold separately). Gerry uses 4 x D batteries (not included). Designed by a parent, a world’s first, adorable but most of all, solving a common problem that new parents have.

crib 8  head  stability base

The Sleepybobo is a product that parents / friends / Grandparents will love as a gift, helping in those early stages of bringing up a new born baby. Please enquire for further details.



Patent was lodged today, I can finally talk to people about Gerry and not worry about letting the cat out the bag! I can’t believe I’ve kept this quite for 3 years, so glad it’ll be out in the open for the world to see. I just hope that when people read back over the past 3 years, that I’ve given some good advice and learn from my journey. I might write a book on how to take a product from initial concept to selling to the general public/ retailers. If anyone wants to write my autobiography, just let me know! Lol


I’ve completed my final checks on the website, all the links work, U-tube, Linked In. This is one thing that needs to be checked and double checked, take your time and make sure you have all the correct pages, contacts. It’s taken me 5 months to complete IBP’s website, that’s me being a perfectionist I guess! Not long till I make everything live for the world to see, I’ll then see what other parents have got to say!

Holy crap ( pardon my french ) but Gerry is out there! The U-Tube video is live :-

I’ve also launched the crowd funding site, I don’t expect to get anything from this being an american site but it gets the word out there:-

So far I’ve had a positive response! Thanks to all the kind comments. I’m now launching the website and making that go live. Transferring all the blogs that I’ve made and uploading them. It’ll probably read more like a diary but hey, it gives you guys the full history of what I’ve been through! I promise that future posts wont read so much as an instruction manual.  I cant believe it’s been 3 years years! Thanks for reading! 🙂