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As so much is happening this year, I’ll just upload blogs as and when they happen. It’s the year that Gerry is released to the world, exciting times ahead!

We finally received the prototype this month, just in time for the video, I’ll blog about that separately. Wall Breaker Productions ( ).

IMG_3106   IMG_4727  IBP Box03 29-09-14  CONTROL PANEL (2)

I can’t believe how good Gerry is looking! I’m glad I spent the time to make him look so cute and adorable! I’ve got to think that parents all over the world are going to see him and pick him up. The material is very tactile, I wouldn’t change anything about him. The manufacturers have taken everything on board, even the fine detailing, this certainly finishes the Sleepybobo off! It’s better to take your time and make sure that your finished product is exactly what you want, if it takes further time, it’s cheaper to do it now than spending all your money on tooling costs and changing this at a later date. I’ll be getting everything ready for the photoshoot later this month, disguise the car seat, bouncer & crib. We’re also using some real babies in the video! Having weekly updates regarding costs, I’m still thinking about the motor and if this is the “one”?………..thanks to my project manager for all her help and advice, without her I wouldn’t be where I am now!


The day started early as per normal, kids getting up at the crack at dawn! Even the birds hadn’t woken up! We had prepared rooms in the house ready for filming the day before but we had to check that everything was still in place. You know how quickly a 3 year old can enter a room and make it a mess under 10 seconds flat!

The guys shooting the film arrived on time, very professional! Their business is calked Wall Breaker Productions ( ). They spent the next hour setting up, getting ready for the arrival of the babies. We decided it was better to have real live babies in the film rather than dolls to show how easy The Sleepybobo worked.

We are very fortunate that we have fantastic friends who were more than happy to help with the filming and let us use their little bundles of joy for the day and they were so Good! Very proud!
Filming went smoothly throughouy the day, working around the babies wasn’t that difficult at all.

We found the day to be such a great success and help to us. We found some small teething problems that were easily rectified. This also proved that having a prototype to work with helps the design process. If we hadn’t of had the filming day, we wouldn’t of picked these up until further down the line. I’m biast but the overall finished film is brilliant, gets the message across in the 1 minute film. A Fantastic job!