I thought I would write down my thoughts or I should say type them down in this journal / diary. I’ve decided to design and develop a new product that I hope will help other parents in the early weeks of having new born babies.

Before I get into the full ins and out and nitty, gritty of my journey, here’s a very small paragraph about me, I am known to waffle so be warned! I’ll try and keep this as short as possible.

I’m born and bread from Nottingham ( Robin hood country ), Graduated from Manchester Uni, married, I’ve got 4 gorgeous children, live in Lincoln UK not America :-

lincoln 3

Run my own surveying business of ten years:-

I’m a designer by heart and have a passion to succeed. That was short and sweet!

This leads me nicely to the issue at hand, designing a world’s first baby product.

All of my older children had an issue with sleeping, when they were babies. I’ve just had my last child, a beautiful baby girl and like my other children, she doesn’t sleep very well. She is exactly the same as her brothers and sisters so no DNA test required. To keep her asleep, I currently have to constantly bounce her in the bouncy chair or rock her in the car seat or crib and this is normally at 3 o’clock in the morning! Yes those rings around my eyes are very dark, good job I have a pair of sun glasses. The other problem I have, like most parents, is being in two places at once. I run my own business, house, have my other children to look after and when I’m there rocking / bouncing my little girl, I hear in the other room her older brother shouting “ daddy “. I would like to help my son, go help my wife with cooking, cleaning ( any excuse not to ), answer the door but I know, if I stop bouncing or rocking my daughter, she would wake up.

This is where my mad plan comes into effect!……….

I’m going to solve this problem by designing a product that helps you as a parent rock / bounce your new born baby in that stylish looking car seat or one of the other baby apparel you buy for your little one – a 3rd pair of hands / aid to help. I’ll have to start looking into other products on the market, see if there’s anything out there but currently I can’t seem to find anything online. The web is a huge place, this isn’t going to be a quick 2 minute job! Late nights here we come, oh yes I’ve got a new born so I’m awake anyway, feeding, rocking, bouncing so I might as well add another job to the list.

I’ve had a good chat with my wife and we’ve discussed the if’s / buts / maybe’s and what could happen with this product, it could turn into a full time job. A lot of time and effort will be needed to make this a success but most of all support! We also know we would need to look for an investor further down the line to cover the design costs as we don’t have the funds to take this project over the finish line. Luckily I have a very supportive wife and we’re going to see what happens with this product. The start of my journey begins! I hope what I write helps other future entrepreneurs and is informative for me to read back in years to come so I can see what I went through. Please enjoy the read and journey! If you have any questions, please send me a message at and I’ll be happy to reply.

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