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Where can you buy Sleepybobo “Gerry the Giraffe” other than directly from us :



Our website is moving address over the coming weeks, please watch this space.


The Platinum Award winning Sleepybobo is A World First! It’s the only original portable unit that attaches to most existing car seats, swinging cribs, baby bouncers, rocker chairs, Moses baskets and gently bouncers / rocks your baby and helps them rest / sleep. With our PCT World Wide Patent in place, Gerry is excited to meet you all.


Gerry is going to have a very busy 2017 but check our Facebook page for any current competitions we’re holding. Congrats to our latest winner, Gerry is on his way!







Find us online, Amazon, Tesco & Ebay Shop. Please click on the logo for the relevant site:-


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We’re really proud to say we are winners of the following awards with ” Loved by Parents ” :-

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Platinum – Best New Innnovative Baby Product    –       Silver – Best Innovative Baby Gift over £50.00


We’re happy to say that we won Bronze in the Dad Network Awards for best sleep aid. We were up against some real competition, thanks to everyone for voting for us.



Gerry is appearing at the 2017 K&J show in Cologne, Meet new friends, contacts and looking forward to the coming year.







We were runners up with the Prima 2016 baby awards & Best Baby & Toddler Gear 2016 awards. So proud that we were nominated for both, all of this before we’ve even made a name in the market, maybe next year!:-



We were selected as the final list for The Sleepybobo into his first 2017 awards, Made for Mums.

 MFM 2



We’re also happy to say that we’ve got Syki Products Inc. covering North America. The Sleepybobo range is only weeks away from being sold in the U.S.A & Canada / N.America. If you are trade, please click on the logo to get further informtion.


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Ólavía og Oliver are now stocking Gerry in Iceland.     Also  now available with My Cute Baby in Germany.


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We are really happy to have joined forces with our distritributor in Taiwan, Yappie Trading Co. Ltd, If you are trade, please click here to get further informtion.




We are then looking at other distributors in Europe, China, & Australia, we’ll list these companies as we get them on board.


Please write to us if you have any queries about placing orders or if you want to know more about the Sleepybobo range:- orders@sleepybobo.rocks


Free delivery with orders over £50.00.